Your Star Sign and Love


Arians are inclined to fall in and out of love quickly. You need to learn to control your enthusiasm before jumping in too deep too soon because you give out strong messages. You sometimes place too much emphasis on the physical side of relationships. You must stop and remind yourself that lust involves the body love is what remains after the physical encounters. Aries men like their women to keep their hair light and their past dark. Aries women act too proud to get what they want in a hurry. Nasty ram traits; impatient when they don’t get their own way. Aries women are schemers. Men will not admit they are wrong.


Although driven by sex as a rule, it shouldn’t be the major attraction or love won’t last. Taureans really do want long lasting unions and when in love feel very good, get fussy about their appearances and are inclined to be less self-indulgent. Bulls like good food, good wine and good girls until a girl cant are tempted and then she is good for nothing. Cows use sex as a weapon but it’s a game. Nothing else. Nasty traits; both sexes have furious tempers when aroused. Quite revolted in physical and emotional ugliness. Will resort to thinking of nasty acts when scorned.


The twins need lovers that they can communicate with and will quite often fall in love with two people at the same time, one to talk to and the other to take to bed. They need to talk things out with both to make a choice. When they’re in love they’re more inclined to listen to the real subject of their affections? As lovers they work like dry cleaners. Quick efficient and leave no ring. Nasty traits; too many too mention (ha ha) no sense of humour when the jokes on them. Kind hearted when it suits them.


Crabs are inclined to be attracted to parental figures and often marry older, more stable people. They are inclined to be jealous and possessive and must be constantly reminded that couples need room to grow and true love should never smother. Concern women may forget faces but never forget their hands. The men like mothering and fathering and are prolific husbands. Nasty traits; greedy, self absorbed, selfish moody and touchy. Doesn’t like others to meddle in their private life.


When first in love Leo are like kids in a fun park. Their heart beats faster when they think its real love. Normally they don’t fall in love easily or quickly but when they do its a full commitment and for a long time. They really do know the difference between true love and a passing fancy and will let their partner know in no mean terms what they expect from a relationship. Leo’s like to keep old masters and young mistresses when their love lives are in limbo. Nasty traits; they can be tactless and demoralising even with the ones they love the most dogmatic and ruthless they will not back down love glitter in all forms.


This earth sign doesn’t fall in love easily. Male Virgo’s don’t hesitate to dip their wicks. Contrary to their star sign the lady virgins can be right royal tarts but when they do fall in love it will be with someone on all levels sex, money, security, protection and companionship. Love must turn them on or they’ll look else where diplomatically of course. Virgoians have a great eye for detail the men will be quick to notice or point out to all and sundry if a blonde is not a blonde all over. Nasty traits; can be excessively cruel to a virgoian woman can be an ultimate bitch more so than a Scorpio and equally as cunning. Cannot be moved to pity for any one else beside themselves.


Librans because they need to belong sometimes rush into relationships too soon and quickly. They need to exercise caution before committing themselves to make love work for them they need to tone down the excessively fake ego. Some of the most famous courtesans were librans not all librans are tarts though but when they are they are bloody good at it. Nasty traits; easily impressed by false flatter and equally slighted by constructive criticism always look for an easy way out for themselves but it makes it hard for others.


This is the sign of sex in its pure and unadulterated form as if the physical chemistry is not there is little chance you could really be in love. Although sex does matter in a relationship it isn’t everything. If you are really in lover being in love in many ways will satisfy you. If you still have a roving eye then don’t kid yourself it’s anything more than friendship. But Scorpio’s of both sexes can have friends of the opposite sex and will mean nothing more than that. Don’t try possessive acts on Scorpio’s that’s the sting in their tail. Nasty traits. Men of this sign like a lot of sexual activity and when the wages of sin are paid he expects time and a half. The men however, take break ups quite badly and the women can get hit with quite a lot of revenge. They are ambitious sarcastic and can look at others as mere pawns to be sacrificed to his or her cause.


These are easy going people need to respect their lover’s and have strong mental rapport. They have high regard for personal freedom and its Wont be love if either becomes to possessive or when sex becomes the prime motive for staying together. Most sages think they invented sex and can’t wait to spread their knowledge around but with no hurt feelings, mind. Nasty traits. Men can be patronising and smug when they’re cheating on their women. The girls can speak out impulsively and smash men’s egos to pieces in seconds.


There has to be a use for anything that is going to figure importantly in their lives outside the usual physical and sexual aspects which are like wise very important to most earth signs. Result fairly clinical when it comes to romance they will put in the effort just for the result. Very few manage lovers as well as their careers. Male goats like to summer in the hills autumn in the valley winter up north and spring at blondes. Nasty traits. Shrewd, calculating, vindictive when slighted? Flattery definitely doesn’t work with female Capricorn’s, but they like to see men go through the hoops in the process.


Water bearers live in emotional gold fish bowls. Many become lovers with friends in which they have much in common and often fall in love with someone around their work or career. You have to be interested in their careers because they are not too keen on knowing how your day has been. The more in common you and your love have outside the confides of the bedroom the greater the chances for a lasting love. Cheating Aquarius’s are very good at welfare work and take up with someone unsuitable just to slight their partners, but will return with no apologies. Aquarius’s share their favours around. Nasty traits. Slow going on the romance department, they get by giving off an enigmatic quality, which captivates new comers. They are really quite dull lovers and have occasional bursts of passion. Hates responsibility and confrontations.


Fishes fall in love with love and get very disappointed and have to protect themselves from self-deception. When really in love no body could be nicer or sweeter. Their awareness of the pulse of life starts to speed up. They love outings, music and romance. The best barrier against being disappointed in love is to look beyond the dreams to study the one you think you love before making a commitment. Nasty traits; Piscean men would like their wives who are ashamed to let their husbands work. Don’t let the dreaminess fool you; the ladyfish is very vain and self-centred.

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