Self Defense against Witchcraft


There is a misconception with regards to the word “witch”. People seem to think that a witch is a female only and that a warlock is the male counterpart. This is wrong!!!

A witch is female and male. A warlock is an Americanism and actually means traitor. A witch means actually the wise one, the one with the knowledge. This knowledge was mainly of herbs and cures for ailments.

Welsh witches are fond of turning themselves into hares, but only the women know the trick and this knowledge gets handed down from mother to daughter. A legend has it that the hare (welsh witch) runs so fast that it can only be caught by a coal black greyhound without a single white hair.

It is believed that witches cannot enter your house if you have a broom lying across the threshold. Two broomsticks laid crosswise will stop a witch passing along a road or up your garden path.

Stand a bowl or a vase made of Blackboy wood in a prominent position, say on the window ledge. No witch will come near it. It will also help to keep a length of four by two handy.

Holly full of red berries when hung over the front door will protect the house against witches. Prickly holly is supposed to be lucky for men while variegated holly is lucky for women. Witches hate ivy; this is the reason why in the past so many houses had ivy growing up the walls of their house.

Stonecrop and houseleek, salt caraway seeds, sloe berries and flaxseed are all good witch repellants. Goose feet, tails of snakes and the gall of swine dried and mixed with oil are also good repellants.

If you see a witch coming towards your house, grab a pair of scissors open them up to form a cross and place the scissors on the doorstep. If the witch gets in through the window place the scissors near the window near a cushion or mat.

To keep a witch occupied.

Get hold of a glass stick, a hollow one. Fill the stick with hundreds and thousands and put a stopper on it. Now when the witch comes into the house, she is immediately attracted to the nice colours of the sweets. She is determined to count the number of hundreds and thousands. But she has to complete the counting by early morning and you know this will take her quite a while to count, so she is occupied and had no time for mischief making. In the morning take the stick outside and wipe away any negative vibrations left on the stick.

To keep spirits away.

Write on four pieces of parchment the following.” Thy evil and thy sorcery have no the power to injure me. Be gone, Be gone!!!!” hang a piece in each corner of the house. If you are still a bit nervous, hang a small bag containing Asafetida, bone dust, grave mould, nail fillings and Cedar wood ashes.

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