Predictions for 2009

We could see greater penalties for drug abuse.
Discovery of rather large uranium deposits.
Large gold discoveries in Australia around Bathurst in NSW and Wedderburn in Victoria.
Madonna health issues re botched surgery.
Major bush fires in Victoria and NSW with very strong winds - deliberately lit.
Drinking water needed to be flown in from overseas.
More an more food poisonings so big advertising campaigns needed.
A major hospital closing its doors.
Assassination attempt on political leaders.
Kylie Minogue health scare.
Birth for the British royal family out of wedlock and news of a cover up.
Huge problems within Australia politics - votes of no confidence.
Highest tally on record for suicide.
More mysterious disappearances.
News of government fraud rocking our economy.
American government asking for our help.
Bank collapse in Australia causing people to loose confidence in banks.

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