Predictions for 2008

Insects of the stinging and biting type in plague proportions.
October a month of violent storms.
Rackets in which people will have to pay for their jobs, being uncovered.
More religious scandals and fraudulent appeals for money.
Some churches having to close because of lack of funds.
Could be a real upturn in the tourist industry.
Plans for a royal wedding to happen soon.
Acts of aggression against Aussies from Indonesia.
Interest rate rises several times.
Air disasters over water.
Problems with railway system.
Change of leadership in Liberal government both State and Federal.
Elizabeth Taylor could loose something of great value through loss or deception.
The world wide appearance of a strange plant or flower.
Series of bad food poisonings mainly fish related.
Mud slides and cave-ins over July and August.
Uncovering of thousands of illegal immigrants.
Uncovering of fraud and corruption among large welfare organizations.
Collapse of insurance company.
Tom and Katie having another child and problems in the marriage.
Spate of missing children.
Mystery virus infecting caged birds.
Problems between Nicole and Keith.
Structural faults involving unfinished building in the heart of Melbourne city.
Kylie Minogue still needing to slow down due to health.

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