Predictions for 2004

Crop circles appearing in fields in Victoria and New South Wales.
Bad cyclone weather coming our way and causing a lot of damage.
Evidence that the human race is a lot older than previously thought.
Pamela Anderson will have trouble with contracts and lock of employment.
Matt Damon could find himself in trouble over relationships as he has a tendency to make the wrong choices.
Jason Priestly, booze and drugs, he could be more vulnerable, a woman seems to be ripping him off financially.
Elle McPherson after adorn period 2004 will bring more opportunities and a new movie role, which should relaunch her film career.
The sea will give up many of its secrets such as submerged remains of unknown cities, wrecks and sea creatures never seen before uncovering buried treasure, disappearing politicians and malfunctioning satellites.
More overseas terrorist attacks.
Athens Games terrorist attacks.
More rain than usual.
Marriage for Kylie.
Rates will rise and the property market in Melbourne and Sydney will slow down.
Many couples will be caught with bad workmanship and poorly built properties.
Breakdowns and blackouts.
The problems in the health system will escalate.
More government officials misappropriating funds.
A shake up in the tax department.
A lot of strange sightings in the Sky.
Street gangs running the streets and out of control.
Terrorist attacks on major bridges as well as vandals being very active on toll bridges.
Safety of our leaders ail be very hard to maintain a dangerous time ahead for John Howard.
Structural damage showing up in out historical buildings especially cathedrals.
Interest rates will rise and property prices will fall.
Very shonky dealing coming to light involving some of our real estate agents.
Wild storms and bush fire danger.
Stress taking its toll on Nicole Kidman's health.
Leonardo Decapriano needs to choose his roles very carefully, to be careful with his diet - someone from his past could return with a shock for him.
Daryl Somers a successful year on the comeback trial.
A death in the royal family and another scandal about to come out - not a good year for the Queen.
Anthony Rocca will need to watch his temper, he will need to be more careful with machinery as he is in a very accident-prune period.
Jason Ackermans could be offed a very lucrative film or TV role.
Shane Warne on the comeback trail however needs to choose his friends more carefully especially in 2004.

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