Predictions for 2003

I can see several assassination attempts on George Bush. Unless he is extremely careful with his security, his life could a short one.
A pate of disappearing ships at sea.
Strange lights and signs in the sky.
Earth being bombarded by space debris.
Weather patterns very severe especially around May 2003. Humanity may need to live with a very rocky planet for the next few years.
More and more people taking the law into their own hands.
From teens to old age, people will refuse to accept what they consider to be unfair laws and taxes a period when silent majority will loudly voice their opinion.
Health problems becoming a concern with Prince Phillip, a right royal scandal will emerge concerning successor to the English throne.
A year of civil disobedience and rioting and many people leaving the cities for the country.
UFO sightings becoming very common for most of 2003.
Archeological finds of bones that don;t appear to be human or of this Earth.
Bionic people become reality as science finds ways to bypass nerve damage and arrest old age, unfortunately this treatment will only be available to a chosen few. The rest of us will have to put up with life as it is.
We will beomce closer to travel by rearranging our molecules from one place to another like (Beam me up Scotty) Star Trek.
Huge reptile sightings around the Narooma, Batemans Bay area and the Daintree area around Cook Town.
Top government figures caught up in drug running here and in America.
Attacks on oil fields around the world, America and Middle East.
They will find a way to slow down aging.
Animals they thought to be extinct surfacing - huge big snakes being seen as the forests get smaller.
Discovery of a new material that repairs itself.
A spate of disappearing people world wide almost as if they vanished off this Earth.
Future wars will be fought over water, our most precious commodity and there will be very severe penalties for wasting it.
More big explosions on the island of Bali, killing many.
Huge expansion going on in the far north, Cairns particularly, Broome and Darwin building and tourism.
Emergence of some dangerous designer drugs killing party ravers, could fluctuate renewed interest and participation in alternative medicines.
Long hidden scandals and fraud surface political turmoil can erupt especially around oil and water supplies.
Interest rates can rise and housing prices fall.
Major advances in medicine and the arts, the glamour industries thrive.
Upheavals and shocks in institutional and political life.
Major earthquake damage is possible.
A Boost for alternative health practices.
2003 - A very rebellious year, a year to pay more attention to the needs of the Earth before it's too late.

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