Predictions for 2001

Cameras that can see through your clothes.
Travel over water will be more dangerous.
Counterfeit $50.00 notes swamping Australia.
Crowd rioting on trains and holiday resort ships.
Food allergies and poisonings.
More and more illegal boat people arriving on our shores, many thousands.
Security machines that recognize your face.
A lot of space junk hitting Earth over the next two years.
High winds breaking all records across Australia.
Strange storms and torrential rains very severe weather patterns indicated we may have to live with.
The new moon on the 24th January starts a new age in which humanity may be able to find solutions to a lot of its problems.
New diseases that are hard to diagnose or treat.
Digital networks will create new living patterns and people who live way outback being able to keep in touch with everything that goes on in the cities because they'll be wired to high band communication around the world.
Tiny computers that will fit into key rings and interact with each other.
Machines that think before they act and machines that make decisions.
We may soon be able to get free energy from empty space by harnessing the magnetic field.
Using anti gravity to lift heavy objects will become a reality instead of a dream.
Bad earthquake activity to continue around the world and Israel could be hit rather hard.
Weather extreme major flooding and bad bush fires.
Problem developing with the American dollar.
Jakarta a change of leadership is indicated and a shift in nation direction.
Germany will produce more people who wish to return to their former nationalistic aspirations.
Major American cities targeted for terrorist attacks a lot of carnage is indicated.
Sex crimes on the increase, children especially targeted. Mothers need to keep a close eye on their children.
Secrets have a way of coming to the surface and our major polices in for a real dirt bath.
Implants that restore sight to the elderly.
Wheelchairs that can go up and down stairs.
Madonna problems with surgery gone wrong.
Michael Jackson victim of food poisoning.
John Howard could finish the year 2001 on a sad note.
A baby for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.
Baby Spice in an accident.
Heather Locklear's career in a slide, I feel contract could be cancelled.

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