Sarah Kulkens

Sarah Kulkens

The 7th Generation of this famous family.

Sarah Kulkens is the daughter of the famous Kerry Kulkens. She is a 7th generation psychic and has been working along side her mother all her life. Her first insight into her abilities that she can remember is running into her parents room of a night telling them what the old lady at the end of her bed told her. It wasn’t until a few years later that she realized from photos that it was her great grandmother. Taunts through school (due to her mothers shop) made her not discuss dreams, premonitions, psychic abilities to friends as this would only add to the taunts. Now some of those schoolyard bullies are regular clients of hers. Sarah has appeared along side her mother to television, radio appearances, séances, exorcisms, mind body spirit festival, Sexpo and promotional charity events from a young age. For the past 25 yrs sarah has been answering the hundreds of letters, emails, faxes and phone calls on just about anything re the paranormal from all over the world. She has built up her own client base of famous celebrities, politicians and royalty but keeps her client base hush hush. She has also built up her own mail order business as well as her mothers with potions and lotions for just about anything, love and luck potions, spells kits, incense oils and brews. She has co- written and written several books and booklets on a large range of subjects as well as appeared in Videos, TV. and radio herself. She writes articles for several magazines and newspapers throughout the world. She also runs classes in astrology, palmistry, witchcraft, Wicca, tarot, psychic development, psychic self defense, spirit guides, guardian angels, spells, feng shui, herbs, incense, oils, crystals, dreams, I ching, runes, crystal ball gazing, numerology, the occult just to name a few.

She conducts private readings in her mother’s shop, which combines a large range of her skills. In her own words. My private readings are done by what comes through if a client comes in and there is a demanding spirit around them that wants to give them a message I’ll give it, if they are having trouble with their love life I might provide a love spell. If it’s a court case or a business matter I might use the cards each reading I do is different person-to-person depends on the situation at that time. A client might come in this week and get a message from a spirit then next week they might come back and there is no message its not a skill you can turn on and off like a tap. Sarah participates regularly in charity work for various organizations by doing tealeaf readings, tarot cards, palmistry etc for the lions club, Country Fire Authority, Schools. She has worked over the past couple of years typing her mothers new books as well as writing a few more of her own in between running her 1900 lines, classes and private readings now since 1982. Assisting her in all of these is her daughters and husband.

Her abilities/ qualifications include:
Psychic, clairvoyant, numerology, astrology, tarot, crystals, crystal ball, spells, Wicca witchcraft, rituals, potions, palmistry, dream interpretations, séances, herbs, incense, candle power, oils, feng shui, runes, I ching, the occult, American Indian magic, Egyptian magic, Celtic magic just to name a few.

Sarah is currently writing for a Beverly Hills Magazine, a Japanese Magazine and several papers throughout the world. She also does charity work and public speaking as well as regular spots on radio & Television throughout Australia, America and India.

latest news

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