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The Kulkens heritage stretches back over 150 years

Kerry Kulkens Magic Shop was established in 1969 under the name "Kulkens Rocks & Gems" as a family business and was the first shop in Australia to open selling Crystals and Gemstones and sold quite a large range, most of which we had fossicked for ourselves as a family from all over Australia.
We started to include with the sales of the stones information on their healing properties as well as where they were found. We also included Tarot Cards Second Hand Books, Charms, and Spells into the range of products we sold, as Kerry herself had grown up with these in the family.
The Belgrave Fire brigade needed urgent injection of funds for a new fire truck and building repairs so Kerry starts doing readings of Tarot Cards, Palms and Numerology over the shop counter where people would place donations into a bowl, which was taken to the Fire Station at the end of the day.
Tourist buses started stopping at the shop for readings and Kerry then started to write the regular stars column for the local paper the Free Press which was then taken up by over thirty different papers.
Kerry started to appear regularly on 3aw Radio station, The Mary Hardy show, The Don Lane Show, the Mid Day Show, spanning three hosts, Mike Walsh, Ray Martin and Derryn Hinch. Celebrities start ringing to see Kerry after hours or in private so the Media didn't know they were coming.
Our first Millionaire goes public telling the Papers about the numbers Kerry gave them to win the lottery. This would be one of hundreds to win large amounts of money by their lucky numbers. Kerry started to write a weekly column for the truth newspaper, which incorporated Love, Sex and the Stars as well as Predictions, Witch's Tips and Celebrity Profiles.
Mark Day of the Truth Newspaper brings out Kerry's first book "Love, Sex, and the Stars" with the first print run selling out and a "Recorded Horoscopes" phone service was launched.
Kerry's daughter Sarah starts doing readings as several other shops in Boxhill Central, Sassafras; Fern tree Gully and Cairns Qld are opened. Kerry starts receiving letters from Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, India, America, Africa, and China, as a second print run of "Love, Sex, and the Stars" is organized which shortly after was made into a Video of the same name.
Australasian Post Magazine prints a two-page article promoting the Love and Luck potions that Kerry has been selling and their success.
"Live Phone Readings" start up on 1900/1800 services throughout Australia and New Zealand as Kerry and Sarah are booked out for weeks in advance.
Kerry's Second book "Guide to Love Sex and the Stars" is released and still selling strong.
Kerry Kulkens sadly passes in 2005 and the shop continues to be run by Sarah and the family under the Trademark Kerry Kulkens.
Herald Sun publishes a two page article featuring Sarah's Psychic thoughts for 2012.
Sarah, now the 7" Geberation Kulkens Psychic, continues the Kulken's legacy and is in great demand for Phone and Personal readings from people all over the world...

latest news

  • Nov 2017- Orders being taken for our spell book 50 year celebration only 2,000 being published so place your order now at readings@kerrykulkens.com.au
  • April - 2016 Facebook page now up and running. have a look weekly for exciting things.
  • Oct 2014- Orders being taken for the next book Limited edition first in best dressed.
  • Sept-2014
  • Jan 2013 197th first division winner comes forward
  • Feb-2013 Sarah doing articles for American magazine.
  • Mar 2013 - Great grandmothers book found
  • Apr 2013 - Specially designed spell kits begin production
  • May 2013 - Psychic development Class starts.
  • June 2013- Latest Batch of Love and Luck potions ready
  • July-2013- New Zealand tour begins
  • Aug- 2013- Free Guide to love sex and the stars Book with every reading in August.
  • Sept 2013- Orders being taken for new book limited edition.
  • Oct- 2013 Vacancies for reading are available for the Monday of Cup weekend and a few spots left on the Sunday
  • April-2014 Brisbane tour 24th April until 4th May (FULLY BOOKED)
  • May- 2014
  • Nov- 2014 copies of Kerry Kulkens guide to love sex and the stars for this month only $5.00
  • Dec- 2014